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Brasserie Concert - Mantes la Jolie
October 12, 2007

Tony and his old friend Jean-Pierre Vignola



L'Artiste - Golbey
Octobre 15, 2007


Tony Coleman at the Rouge-Gorge, Avignon
Wednesday October 18, 2006


Duvel Blues Festival
Belgium - 2004


Diaporama (32 pictures)
Avignon Blues Festival with Tony Coleman
at the Rouge-Gorge
Friday Septembre 5, 2003


      Diaporama (48 pictures)                                                    Diaporama (15 pictures)         
               Bougy Blues Saturday August 29, 2003                     Sweet Home Chicago Live with Tony Coleman         
                                                                                        Sunday August 30, 2003





Show at the Pub Rock Chez Paulette March 2nd, 2007
(Pictures of JL. Karcher)


Tony and Gérard Van Maele his European Manager from 2003 to 2008 and back for 2017 with Ze Music Tour 

Gio Vescovi and Tony Coleman Caserta Blues 2005


Piazza Blues 2004

Tony Coleman and Pappo during the Tribute to BB King in Argentina
November 6, 2004


Tony and his friends Lucky Jean-Luc, Marc Loison, Patrick Demathieu
and Michel Gaudray

Bougy Blues Festival 2003

Avignon Blues Festival - 2003

Eric , Tony and Nico                               Eric , Tony and Pili

Nicolas Tuaillon Saxophon


Eric Starczan Guitar

Capo d'Orlando Italy July 2003

Tony and B.B. King August 2002

              B.B. King and Tony Coleman                                Tony Coleman with Elvin Jones, 
                                                                                          Backstage after performing in Paris France
                                                                                            (summer 1998)

       Tony Coleman with Taj Mahal and                                                        Tony Braunagel, Tony Coleman,
        Tony Braunagel, Backstage after performing                                     Charles Mitchell, Lucky Peterson and Stanley
in Paris, France          
                                                         Abernathy, Backstage after performing 
                                                                                                                           in Paris, France

B.B. King and Taj Mahal European tour 1998

Georges Benson, Tony Coleman and Leon Warren,
Meridien Garden Beach Hotel in Juan les Pins, France
(The Jazz Festival, 1998)


   2015 May 13 - The Thrill is Gone at the BB King's Club in Nashville
   2015 April 26 - Hurricane Jerry Loos with Tony Coleman and BB King's
  Star Band at BB King's Club Nashville
   2014 - Blues Music in Nashville TN
   2014 October 9 - BB King's Blues Club All Star Band

  1997 - Drum Battle with Tony and Calep Emphrey - Jazzopen Stuttgart


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